Smart_Home is a home automation project suited for ESP boards family (including NodeMCU). It supports PWA; supports tons of sensors; has modern and elegant UI; is easily customizable; is multilangual.
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//TODO: Automation last Run Time
//TODO: Check if every automation type Works
//TODO: Add Switch to Setting For debug mode
//TODO: hide menu item Debug When Debug mode is disabled
//TODO: Check if every setting works
//TODO: Add slector to automation execute all To execute only utomation whitch contain same day (as actual to speed up process)
//TODO: Check and fix time based automation
//TODO: 404 same like in ENergo COunter Project
//TODO: @FILIP Fix Editation of all Automations
//TODO: @FILIP test if registration work without an isuu even with notification
//TODO: Fix Default Room selection
//TODO: Fix User Delete button
//TODO: Fix new add email form