Smart_Home is a home automation project suited for ESP boards family (including NodeMCU). It supports PWA; supports tons of sensors; has modern and elegant UI; is easily customizable; is multilangual.
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"name": "Home",
"short_name": "Home",
"description": "Smart Home interface in PWA",
"lang": "cs-CZ",
"start_url": "/vasek/home/",
"scope": "/vasek/home/",
"display": "fullscreen",
"orientation": "portrait",
"theme_color": "#182239",
"icons": [
"src": "/vasek/home/app/templates/images/icon-192x192.png",
"sizes": "192x192"
"src": "/vasek/home/app/templates/images/icon-512x512.png",
"sizes": "512x512"
"background_color": "#182239"